Activities of Fortune Pharmacal Lai Yung Kwoon Charity Fund

Mr. Lai Yung Kwoon, founder of Fortune Pharmacal, hopes that the idea "Always go one step further" can be adopted widely in the society. The world would be better if people would care about others around them and everyone can lead a healthy, happy life. Mr. Lai, therefore, has set up the Fortune Pharmacal Lai Yung Kwoon Charity Fund. Fortune Pharmacal contributes part of its annual income to the Fund for charitable purposes to bring love and care to people of different levels in the society.

Our foundation have funded programs for supporting teacher-researchers in China, and established an online platform for them to share their learning outcomes. Programs included “Workshops for rural school teachers from Tonghua City, Jilin Province”, “Summer seminars in educational administration and policy for Xi'an Jiaotong University young teachers”, “Training for Northern Jiangsu Province teacher-researchers”, and “East China Normal University language training course for rural primary school teacher-researchers”.

The fund offers scholarship in different institutions to encourage young people to study. Since 2011, we have sponsored ““A Step Further to Achieve Higher: Mobile Schooling” Project, led by university student volunteering as mentor to secondary school student. The “Mobile Classroom” program establishes strong link to high school liberal studies curriculum, and offers students with financial burden the opportunities to experience outdoor learning.  The program puts “invitational approach” of education into practice, with core values of respect, trust, optimism, intentionality and care; and delivers “Lion Rock Spirit” in pursuing their dreams and seeking happiness.

In 2016, Fortune Pharmacal established “CSR Volunteer Group” and extended funding for various charitable purposes and encourages employees to participate in volunteering activities; further fulfilling social enterprise citizen responsibility.